Have a headache house or in need of a cash offer? We can help you learn your options and sell your home, quickly, for cash, if it's right for you.


Or scroll down to learn more.


Have a headache house or in need of a cash offer? We can help you learn your options and sell your home, quickly, for cash, if it's right for you.


Or scroll down to learn more.

We provide a unique opportunity to sell your home directly for cash, with zero commissions or fees.


Many homeowners are completely unaware of their options when it comes to selling a property. As a result, between all the paperwork and people, it can all feel very overwhelming.

We're here to provide an easier, hassle-free option by purchasing property directly, for cash. Although this option isn't right for everyone, it can help most people save precious time and money.

When we purchase your home, you pay zero commissions, fees, closing costs, or out of pocket expenses. We also take care of all of the cleaning and repairs. By lifting these burdens of a traditional sale, we guarantee the easiest sale you've ever had!


Each home and situation is different. We work with each person and property individually to find the right solution for them. In the process, we can often help sellers:

  • Get a fair cash offer
  • Save thousands on commissions
  • Pay NO fees or closing costs
  • Do NO cleaning
  • Make NO repairs
  • Avoid foreclosure or bankruptcy
  • Recover from a fire or flood
  • Take care of any liens or back taxes
  • Deal with probate, divorce or relocation
  • Close in 7-10 days
  • Move on YOUR timeline

    • “We loved working with Esteban and Erika in purchasing our first home. A resolution and prompt responses were provided for any issue we came across.”

      BRAD H.
    • “When it comes to delivering potential projects for us to consider investing in, Eye Homes Inc. sets the benchmark we use in all of our evaluations. Esteban and Erik’s team deliver to us all the information needed to make a quick decision on a loan. They do all the legwork, so all we have to do is analyze the information and make a decision. They also meet you at the property and provide numerous updates throughout the project. Their philosophy is to never take a shortcut and to always keep their commitment, not only to us but also to the end user! Their end product is stunning. We look forward to many more projects with them.”

    • “Excellent product and people to work with. If there is an issue, they will address it!”

    • “I am a realtor in Columbus, Ohio and the owners of EyE Homes bought one of my short sale listings. They were cash buyers and we were able to close on the deal quickly. I have also had the pleasure of seeing a few properties that they have completely renovated and they do great work. The homes that they renovate always look like beautiful masterpieces.”

    • “EyE Homes offers excellent investment returns to grow your retirement!”

      DEREK P.
    • “EyE Homes has developed a process to complete a successful project easier through great communication and clear vision. All the while making sure their contractors are well taken care of during construction of their projects.”

      GREG G.
    • “They explain the scope of work in detail. This makes our work easier to perform. I have seen the completed project and am very impressed with the workmanship of the entire project.”

      EDD D.
    • “I have been an investor in two homes. Each transaction was handled in a professional and efficient manner.”

      DINO T.
    • “EyE homes is wonderful to work with. They truly care about their clients and work very hard to provide great quality homes.”

      LORI L.
    • “We have been investors with EYE Homes for over three years. We are very happy and satisfied with EYE. The outcome of our investments meets or exceeds our expectations. They are professional and very attentive to work with.”

      BARBARA & DON C.
    • “EyE was fantastic from start to finish. What could have been a difficult transaction (out of state seller, probate, environmental issues, tax liens…) went smoother than ever. I look forward to working with EyE again!”

      FORREST N.
    • “Working with EYE Homes has been a great experience. They are a very professional and well-organized company. I am always blown away by their attention to detail and the quality of their finished remodel projects.”

      JOSH T.
    • “All of the people at EyE Homes cares about what they do and who they work with.”

      RICH S.
    • “Their genuine honesty and integrity are hard to find in today’s dog eat dog world. It’s refreshing to work with people of this level.”

      TODD S.
    • “Out of all the investors and builders, Eye Homes maintains the highest quality of work and professionalism in the Columbus area. Their attention to detail and passion for perfection is impeccable. I love them!”

      DAMON F.
    • “Both Erika and Esteban made us feel comfortable and were extremely professional.”

      TERRI R.
    • “Eye Homes has been a Great experience for me personally and professionally. I know Estaban and Erika will take good care with funds that I might lend to them and be great mentors for houses that Affinity Home Solutions rehab on our own.”

      DON G.
    • “Fantastic family owned company that any city would be proud to have. Anyone buying their properties will be happy to call them home. High-quality people providing high quality living for the city of Columbus.”

      Robert C.
    • “Its not how pretty a builder makes a house look or the choice of tile that are the most important things… Its a builder standing by their work and doing the right thing. I was so impressed by EyE Homes.”

      CHRIS C.




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