How the Debt Snowball Method Works

When you were a kid rolling a snowball in the backyard, the best way to do it was to pack some snow into a tight ball, then start rolling it through the yard. Your snowball would become a snow boulder much quicker than it would if you just built it up by hand. That’s exactly how the debt snowball method … Read More

4 Insider Tricks to Sell Your Home Before the Holidays

With Halloween just a couple of weeks away, that can only mean one thing: The holiday season is right around the corner. Before you know it, stores will be brimming with candy canes and Christmas trees—a sure sign the most wonderful time of the year is here. Of course, if you’ve got a home to sell, all that holly-jolly can … Read More

Why Smart Homebuyers Hire Home Inspectors

Professionals Only—Do Not Attempt This By Yourself! Home inspections are an indispensable part of the home-buying process. Buying a home without one is the same as buying a car without even kicking the tires. Any good real estate agent will recommend you include a home inspection clause when you make an offer on a house. That usually means you’ll be … Read More

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Will Columbus provide financial help for renters? By Mark FerenchikThe Columbus Dispatch  •  Monday November 3, 2014 4:03 AM A sea change is occurring in many cities, with fewer people owning the homes they live in. “I’m watching the market change from homeownership to rental,” Mayor Michael B. Coleman said. The Census Bureau reported last week that U.S. homeownership has … Read More

4 Ways to Be Sure Your House Isn't Haunted

The scene begins with a happy family moving into an idyllic home in a picture-perfect neighborhood or beautifully serene countryside. But a dark secret looms in the shadows. The blissful family is unaware of the bizarre trials awaiting them once they move in. It sounds like the opening for a classic horror movie, but it happens to unprepared families everywhere. … Read More

5 Money-Saving Tricks for a Happier Halloween

We love Halloween. What other night can you dress like a hot dog and eat all your favorite childhood sweets without having someone judge you? The problem is, we may love it a little too much. According to a recent consumer spending survey, it’s projected that Americans will spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $11.3 billion—that’s “billion” with a “b”—on … Read More

Is a Mortgage Refinance Right for You?

Find out what Dave says about refinancing your mortgage There’s a lot of hype about refinancing mortgages. You’ll hear, “Rates have never been lower!” or, “Refinance now to lock in your savings!” There are even special products like “streamlined” refinancing. Like anything else, you need to determine if a refinance is right for you based on the specifics of your … Read More

What You Need to Know About Buying A Foreclosure

  Being prepared financially and mentally are key As the number of foreclosures in your area grows, you may feel the urge to jump into real estate as part of your investment strategy. Real estate investments done right can give you higher returns than mutual funds, but they require a lot more time and trouble. Be sure you’re prepared financially … Read More

How to Buy a Home That’s Guaranteed to Increase in Value

How to Buy a Home That’s Guaranteed to Increase in Value You’ve spent years preparing for this day. You’re debt-free with a healthy emergency fund and plenty of cash for a down payment. It’s finally time to buy your dream home. You’d do the happy dance if your knees weren’t shaking in fear. What if your new home turns out … Read More