Pet Hair in Columbus – How to Manage the Fur

Pet Hair in Columbus - How to Manage!

Looking to put your home on the market? In-laws coming over for dinner? Many a time calls when you’ll want to make your home look its best. So, what to do about all the cat hair!? You love your pets and will probably forgive them for many vices but pet hair is something outsiders will certainly not overlook. We’ve found a great … Read More

Olde Town East house rehab highlights land bank’s changing focus

Olde Town East house rehab

Thank You to The Columbus Dispatch for publishing this article by Mark Ferenchik • Monday June 6, 2016 5:45 AM Olde Town East house rehab – 140 Sherman Purchased by Young Couple When Laura Atack and husband Chris Rapking bought a former city land bank house (An Olde Town East house rehab), Atack mentioned it to some of the security officers at the U.S. Bankruptcy … Read More

Columbus Land Bank Tour: EyE Homes hosts Mayor Andrew Ginther

A Tour with Gov. Ginther This June we had the honor of hosting Andrew Ginther, the Mayor of Columbus in two of the properties we acquired from the Columbus Land Bank and spoke of urban resurgence in the city. Walking through 140 Sherman Ave, really brought home all the work Erika and I have dedicated into our business. EyE Homes, Inc. … Read More

Franklinton Columbus: Development Without Displacement

Franklinton Columbus: From Vacant to Vibrant As it stands, the neighborhood of Franklinton has a 27 percent home-vacancy rate. A string of vacant houses could attract crime, drugs and expand into a blighted neighborhood. Or, more positively, it could attract artists and innovators seeking affordable places to work. As is the case with 400 W Rich: What’s also encouraging is that overall the neighborhood is spared … Read More

More Green Infrastructure in Columbus

In the Budget: Waterlines, Sewers BluePrint Columbus to Build Green Infrastructure in Columbus Plans for green infrastructure in Columbus have been proposed, accepted and are ready for implementation. In response to issues with some overflow in our city sewer system, a greener, more affordable and innovative solution has been approved. Rather than completely reinventing the wheel or continue building bigger and … Read More

EyE Homes responds to the call, Sell My Columbus House Fast!

Sell My Columbus House Fast

EyE Homes responds to the call, Sell My Columbus House Fast! Often you may see signs that read “WE BUY HOUSES!” Due to the current housing market, there are many people looking to buy and sell houses for profit. We share these same interests but are also specially trained in making sure both parties benefit to full potential. Here’s how we … Read More

Mothers Day in Columbus EVENTS

Mothers Day in Columbus

Spring is bursting into full bloom just in time for Mothers Day in Columbus. EyE Homes, INC. is looking forward to celebrating our very own and very dear Erika Saldarriaga this Sunday, May 8th. Looking for something special to do in the columbus community? So are we! Here’s what we’ve found for the weekend.   1) Saturday, May 7 / 10am Mother’s Day Weekend … Read More

Meet Erika and Esteban of EyE Homes, INC.

Erika and Esteban of EyE Homes, INC. discuss what it takes to build a strong business, a strong community, and a strong family. Q: To date, how many homes have your renovated? Erika: We have sold twelve Houses. Esteban: After buying our first house on June 20, 2014 we’ve completed 40 Real Estate transactions in two years. Q: What’s your favorite part … Read More

Columbus Dispatch: Trend Towards Renting Homes in Columbus

Daniel Turcios of EyE Homes caulks joints on the front porch at 109 Dana Ave. in the Franklinton area. Mayor Michael B. Coleman wonders whether landlords should have more funding help. Photo by ERIC ALBRECHT | DISPATCH Original publication of Columbus Dispatch discussing trend towards renting homes in Columbus. Will Columbus provide financial help for renters? More Families Renting Homes in Columbus. A … Read More

Columbus Underground: These are not Conventional Rehabs

Columbus Underground Article featuring EyE Homes

Original publication of Columbus Underground. We’re happy to be part of the conversation. Rehab Activity Picking up Steam on Near East Side   Neighborhood leaders and city officials are cautiously optimistic about a recent uptick in rehab activity on the Near East Side. John Turner, Administrator of the city’s Land Redevelopment Office, said that 23 homes — all vacant and … Read More