Buying a Home in Columbus Ohio? Check This Out.

Buying a home in Columbus Ohio? There are cool things to do! Like the Franklin Park Conservatory...

Considering buying a home in columbus Ohio?

A vibrant arts and music scene, employment opportunities, and a more affordable housing market… Columbus is attracting new residents. At EyE Homes we love this city and want to share with prospective newbies the Trip Advisors Top 10 things to do in Columbus, Ohio.

Columbus makes the grade for millennials

Featured in the Columbus Dispatch, we’ve found some great news for our city! ⎖ There is good news for Columbus millennials who want to live in an exciting big city with a vibrant arts scene, great restaurants and an interesting, walkable Downtown. They’re already there. Columbus is ranked at No. 3 in the “Best Cities for Millennials” by Money, a … Read More

5 Easy Home Improvement Projects & Upgrades For the Winter

If you’re like most people, you’ve been spending a lot of time indoors lately. Unfortunately, there are several more months of winter to get through before we start seeing signs of spring. Before you throw your hands up in despair, why not break the monotony by working on your house? After all, you’re stuck inside anyway, and you’re probably searching … Read More

How to Gently Bring a Victorian Home Into the 21st Century

At EyE homes we value the historic features of Victorian homes and are always on the look-out for tips to enhance rather than cover the spirit of a classic house. Check out these stylish ideas  ⎖ Say yes to sash windows. Victorian homes were originally typically fitted with simple sash windows. If you have original ones, repairing and waterproofing them … Read More

Why Buying a Home Is a Smart Investment for Millennials

Are you a Millennial, on the fence about buying your first home? Here’s some benefits of home ownership we found on U.S.News ⎖ Millennials have been reluctant to buy homes because of a volatile job market and high student debt. As homeownership rates for young Americans are trending upward, financial and real estate experts are hopeful more millennials will soon recognize … Read More


With such a mild December we wonder, will winter ever come? Probably! Take advantage of this extra time. Be prepared when the temperature drops. Use these 7 important new home winter maintenance tips to help save money on heating and keep your home and yard in good shape through the cold winter months. Even if you have a new home, … Read More

Olde Towne East re-emerges as 'a cool place to be'

Check out this article featured in the Columbus Dispatch about a neighborhood we love! Last year, Scott Blodgett and Tom House paid $47,000 for an 1,800-square-foot three-story home in the Olde Towne East neighborhood. A block down the street, a slightly smaller home is now listed for $204,000. The houses were in vastly different states of repair when they were … Read More

How to price garage sale items

Although not everyone puts price tags on their garage sale merchandise, pricing your merchandise in advance will make the day of the sale less hectic for you, and may make customers more likely to buy. Here are some tips that may be useful when preparing for your garage sale.   Write prices on masking tape or stickers. If you’re having … Read More

Real Estate Dictionary

Time to hit the books! Brush up on your Real Estate Lingo with this Glossary of Terms A Annual Percentage Rate (APR) The annual interest rate on a loan that includes closing costs in its calculation. APR is sometimes calculated differently by different lenders Appraisal The estimated value of a piece of property that is either based on the recent … Read More

7 Patio Upgrades to Plan Your Outdoor Spring Escape

Tips & Advice 7 Patio Upgrades to Plan Your Outdoor Spring Escape by Tikva Morrow | March 20, 2015 | 0 Comments As spring rolls around (slow as it is), the outdoors are available once again for lovely afternoon strolls, evening relaxations and late-night parties. But the patio, our favorite spring and summertime outdoor space, is looking a little tired … Read More